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Weekly Vocab 30 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, November 24, 2003, 15:29
Skipping blithely over No.29, which will appear in due course..........

1. friend-- karem, karenji (karende if sex is involved)-- karem etc. is
gender-neutral, there are gender-specific words too wth same connotations.)
A good friend is often a source of strife
karenji nunu yarumek tendenaciç
good-friend often 3s-cause strife-pl
tendenaci-- redup. and dim. < tenar 'battle' (for now)
(full form nunu is more emph. than suffixed "yarúmeknu" would be)

2. to take-- various; here_kokondar_ take without permission < kondar
For instance my friend once took all my pens.
moyondi, yale anju, karenjimi kokondar yuno kangumi
for inst., there-is time=once, friend-my "borrowed" all pen-my

3. to tell-- here, rungaya 'to inform' (cause-to-know)
She didn't even tell me.
ta kamu me yarungaya
not even me-dat 3s-inform

4. to want-- here, pita 'to need'
I wanted a pen and I didn't have one
mapita kangu mowa mayinga(po)
I-need pen but I-without ~not-have(-just)

5. to buy -- traka
I had to buy a new pen and ink
cayi matraka kangu velu i suri
have-to I-buy pen new and ink

6. to end-- yulus 'come to an end', inch. < lus 'end, last'
But a good friendship can't end that easily.
mowa karenjini ta (pole) yayúluspo sañ tata-tata
but gd-friend-poss not (can) 3s-end-just thus easy2
karenji-ni is more colloq. than correctly nominalized angarenji

7. not -- ta(k)-- some changes here...
At least she's not an obsessive nor anarchist nor conservative
imikni ta yale kaç cakatingas tati ketrametrita tati yembek hañuni [i'mi?ni
ta'yale "kat:Saka'tiNgas tati "ketrame'trit:ati'jEmbEk:a'Juni] note
least-poss. not 3s-be person obsessive nor anarchist nor narrow soul-poss.
("Anarchist" came up before but I dont recall what I used, and didn't put it
in the list......:-(( )
cakatingas also means 'nit-picking' < tingas 'inspect, watch'; "obsessive'
in psychspeak

8. to support -- panar (for now; it means 'support physically, prop up')
But then, I'd support her no matter what.
mowa ne mapánapro takandani
but 3s-dat I-support-just regardless-poss
(takandani could also go before or after mowa)

9. definition -- correctly andacañ, colloq. tacañi (tacañ+ni) <tacañ 'to
kota karenji, sañ tacañi [...sanda'tSaJi]
word "karenji", so/thus mean-its

10. both -- loro + poss. (loro redup. of ro 'two')
We'd both do the same.
loromim, kuwa-kúwapo çufatmim liri liya-liyamim same-same-just behavior-our w.r.t.
a surprisingly difficult and awkward sentence........


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