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Re: OT: phat/vet/fat,

From:Matthew Butt <m.butt@...>
Date:Monday, July 15, 2002, 11:40
i once heard a woman of jamaican origin saying that it was a compliment
there to call someone ' big and roun' like and english poun' '. the
context was humourous, and i don't know whether the phrase is authentic,
but it seems to illustrate a variety of attitudes towards size.

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 > Note that the last two are quite reasonable under the "fat" reading.
> Thin = pretty is a very modern idea indeed.
As long as you don't apply it to women, there are still many other situations in life where "fat" is desirable, esp. in the meaning "voluminous", e.g. a fat wallet or a fat Thanksgiving turkey.


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