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adj/adv phrases, was inalienable possession

From:charles <catty@...>
Date:Sunday, November 22, 1998, 20:40
Mathias M. Lassailly wrote:
> > Charles wrote :
> > I must now re-examine the whole relative clause issue.
> Could let me know how this develops ? I'm really interested because my > verb-rooting DEL language works exactly like yours (except that tags are > prefixed and there is a factitive voice). So I'm curious to know how you > manage to proceed with factitive and connective clauses.
If yours actually already works, it is ahead of mine. I see that DEL has 4 basic verb voices, similar to my TOM. (DEL), (out-dated). But DEL uses topic/comment structures, TOM doesn't: it prefers serial verb constructs, and freely exchanges subject/object to get the pivotal noun between the verbs. This is one of its relative-clause and preposition avoidance techniques (there are many): market go I buy flour merako vadu meso haceti farino TOM also has a "stative" form adding the adjectival ending "-a" to the verb "-i" (active) and "-u" (passive) endings to make "-au" and "-ai" as in: saqkola luno ... luno saqkolau ... saqkolai luno ruddy moon ..... moon is ruddy ... ruddy is the moon But true causatives would require serial verbs. I suppose a "causative stative" would be possible during a lunar eclipse: luno saqkolau suno ... suno saqkolai luno moon is reddened by sun ... sun blood-colors moon