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Re: adj/adv phrases, was inalienable possession

From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Sunday, November 22, 1998, 21:57
Charles wrote :

> If yours actually already works, it is ahead of mine.
It doesn't because I never learned the vocabulary !
> I see that DEL has 4 basic verb voices, similar to my TOM. (out-dated).
A very good job is that one ! Outdated ? Now updating, it seems. Where are TOM's voices ? Can't find them. DEL has no passive but an *antipassive* and TOM looks like that since *femo vadu* seems to mean *the girl attracts* rather than *the girl is gone to by*. I think it's difficult to cram a factitive voice in TOM's verbs because it would break the nice bipolar arrangement so I suggest : *viro faciu meso vadu femo* *femo vadi meso facui viro* But this does not allow a straight deriving like would be : active : to see >< to appear : (anti)passive active factitive : to show >< to display : passive factitive for that you need a third argument and this would impair TOM's symetry. For subclauses (not adjectives) I suggest *o* as 'the latter' : *viro, o faciu femo vadi meso* *femo, viro faciu o vadi meso* *meso, femo vadi o facui viro* etc. etc. This is one of its relative-clause and preposition
> avoidance techniques (there are many): > > market go I buy flour > merako vadu meso haceti farino >
I never dared do that. I surrendered and made inserted subclauses.
> TOM also has a "stative" form adding the adjectival > ending "-a" to the verb "-i" (active) and "-u" (passive) > endings to make "-au" and "-ai" as in: > > saqkola luno ... luno saqkolau ... saqkolai luno > ruddy moon ..... moon is ruddy ... ruddy is the moon >
*stative* is a kind of verb to me, while *adjective* is a degree of integration more than subclause and less than compound word.
> But true causatives would require serial verbs. > I suppose a "causative stative" would be possible > during a lunar eclipse: > > luno saqkolau suno ... suno saqkolai luno > moon is reddened by sun ... sun blood-colors moon > >
that would mix 'active' and 'factitive'. It's ok with intransitive verbs like TOM's 'statives', but what if you have a factitive of a transitive verb with already 2 arguments like 'femo vadi meso' ? Mathias ----- See the original message at