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Onomatopoeia [was Re: colours (out damn spot...;)]

From:Garth Wallace <gwalla@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 27, 2004, 20:00
J Y S Czhang wrote:
> > Big OBConlang/Conculture: Think up aesthetic terms that are different > from your native NatLang(s)! Some of the best ones are Japanese Zen-related * > (and they also have some the most intriguing onomatopoeia as well... big clue: > Pikachu is just the tip of that iceberg!)
I'm partial to "subon", the sound of creamer dispersing into coffee.
> I should have been asleep hours ago... but it's too bleedin' hot in the > San Francisco Bay Area right bloody now...
Woo! No kidding.