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Re: religious terms

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, March 12, 2001, 23:28
>When I was in Seville, I ate at a Chinese restaurant where the owners told >me that most of the Chinese in the area were from Zhejiang - friends of >relatives of friends, you know that kind of thing. I don't know whether >they meant just Seville or southern Spain in general, though, and I don't >know if the current immigrant situation in Spain would be relevant to >Montreiano speakers. Also, according to > , Zhejiang is at a >confluence of three major dialect areas, so I guess you might as well go >with one of those dialects instead. I'm just curious why your fishing >terms should come from Chinese ... any specific reason? > >E-Ching
Well, the area in Spain i established as the area the Montreianos come from is somewhat on the east central border of spain with Portugal. Also, when did the immigrants from Zhejiang arrive in Spain? Most Montreianos left to colonize their current territory around the late 1600's to mid 1700's. Most of the Chinese settlers in Monterey in our era came in the 1800's to fish the seas here for abundant squid (the smell of drying squid was the major complain of Montereyans in the 1800's though the canneries smelled worse i hear). The reason i'd take Chinese fishing terms in is because i think the main reason (like in our time) for Chinese fishermen to come to Montrei is to fish for squid (and probably abalone). But, i'm also trying to figure out what other terms would be borrowed in. I want Montreiano to have a good base of borrowed words. I have all the Rumsen words i can think of borrowed in and "montreianoized". I dont think the word base would be too huge, but i want something of them taken into the language (i'll have to find a source for chumash words, since Montrei territory extends into their area, which may be a good for a southern dialect.


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