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Re: Fakelangs

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, June 27, 2004, 20:32
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From: "Tristan Mc Leay"

Sally krespr:
> > I have to say I love this idea of a "fake" natlang. Put me on board!
> To be honest, I always thought this was half the point of conlanging;
To fool people into thinking these are natural languages? :)
> Discussions of Ancient Føtisk would refer to > discoveries of ancient documents from the (Though rather than citing > works in English or Italian or whatever, most of the fakeworks I'd > considering referring to were going to be in Føtisk.)
If I hadn't been so enthused about CONLANG, I might have considered putting Teonaht on-line as a real but somewhat obscure language. The T. however have too many bizarre properties, though, to convince anyone. I might list some reference works, though! That would be fun. :D
> > > > > > Some visitors to my website have thought Teonaht was a real language. > > Hmm... well, that page seems very similar to English+HTTP/1.x error > messages (specifically 404). Actually, the server is perhaps acting up > (acting down?), <> has a dearth of data.
It's my own brain fog and bad typing. try: Sally