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Relay 1: Czevraqis Vocabulary Details 2/3

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 22, 2001, 20:50
See Part 1 for the basic morphology and notes.

mezaru: to depart/grieve
adj: longing, homesick
state: departure
doer (prof): wanderer, exile (person)
doer (cas): traveler (away from home)
tool: heartbreak, transgression
emphatic: exile
diminutive: jaunt?  the kind of short trip you might make to the town
store, or to visit a neighbor

rekanu: to scatter/sow
adj: scattered (but related)
state: spring sowing
doer (prof): sower
doer (cas): derogatory term for soldiers, especially men
tool: (must look up farming implements)
emphatic: exodus
diminutive: spill (as of a handful of salt, confetti, things like that)

reszaru: to rally/lead
adj: charismatic
state: charisma
doer (prof): leader, general/commander (not a specific rank)
doer (cas): leader-for-now, the kind of person who emerges in random
groups and takes charge
tool: leadership
emphatic: clan, tribe, people, nation
diminutive: older sibling

szeqazu: to sing/speak
adj: eloquent, well-sung
state: song, speech
doer (prof): speaker (for a cause, a group), minstrel
doer (cas): speaker, singer (of the moment)
tool: word
emphatic: history, saga
diminutive: conversation

szeszazu: to be silent/disappear
adj: silent, unobtrusive
state: silence
doer (prof): scout
doer (cas): thief
tool: stealth
emphatic: disappearance
diminutive: taciturnity