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relay 1: Czevraqis vocbulary details, 1/3

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 22, 2001, 19:53
(I realize mine hasn't been posted yet, but Jesse asked.  :-p)

(Outdated, probably archaic) paradigm:

verb: C_CaCu
adj:  C_CiCu
noun: CeC_Ca

   verb/adj   infix       noun
generic       -e-   state
causative     -ae-  doer (professional)
instrumental  -a-   tool
habitual      -ai-  doer (casual)
intensive     -o-   emphatic
attenuative   -i-   diminutive

(I'll post the new one sometime when I have things ironed
relative clauses.  Grr.)

Words given in (generic) verb form, since I consider that as close as the
"root" as you can get and the infixed forms are fairly nicely predictable.
   Verbs do have a dynamic/static distinction that appears in conjugation
into present/past forms.  The noun forms can sometimes be idiosyncratic.

bedazu: to bargain/seek advantage
adj: advantageous
state: advantage
doer (prof): negotiator, merchant
doer (cas): negotiator (of the moment)
tool: rhetoric, a "silver tongue"
emphatic: treaty
diminutive: bargain

besazu: to lose (something)/be derelict, not pay attention
adj: lost, wandering, derelict
state: distraction
doer (prof): thief or more usually fence (the kind that deals with stolen
goods, not post or barbed wire or...)
doer (cas): woolgatherer, lackwit
tool: carelessness
emphatic: saboteur
diminutive: momentary distraction

dehaszu: to sanctify/revere
adj: holy, sanctified
state: holiness
doer (prof): shaman, priest, monk (a general term)
doer (cas): worshipper
tool: temple, holy place, shrine (a general term)
emphatic: god
diminutive: ancestor

derahu: to balance/cast a shadow
adj: balanced
state: balance, void
doer (prof): philosopher, monk (more Buddhist than medieval style)
doer (cas): shadow-caster
tool: shadow
emphatic: the state toward which creation strives
diminutive: inner choice, acceptance (though not necessarily without

hesaru: to salute/honor
adj: honored (e.g. "honored sir"), revered, honorable
state: an understanding of one's role (and willingness to carry it out)
doer (prof): an honorable person, soldier (esp. in Qenar; however, can
take on ironic/sarcastic overtones)
doer (cas): a subordinate
tool: honor
emphatic: obligation, oath
diminutive: salute, honorific

meranu: to search/discover, find
adj: inquisitive
state: discovery
doer (prof): explorer
doer (cas): child (especially at the ages when they're busy Getting Into
Things, I suppose)
tool: curiosity
emphatic: expedition
diminutive: insight, what happens when the glasses you are looking for are
right in front of you