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Relay 1: Czevraqis Vocabulary, 3/3

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 22, 2001, 21:15
See Part 1 for the basic morphology and notes.

verahu: to stand/be stable, reliable (revised to: to promise/stand, be
adj: solid, reliable
state: solidity, reliability
doer (prof): earth
doer (cas): a reliable person/thing
tool: promise (in a rather looser sense of the word; you might say that,
in a non-earthquake zone, the earth "promises" to be still...)
emphatic: trust (complete faith)
diminutive: coerced-trust (the way you "trust" someone you're blackmailing)

vesaru: to take root/create dangerous serenity
adjective: sylvan, er--dangerously serene?
state: growth (of trees)
doer (prof): the Gatewood
doer (cas): wood
tool: tree
emphatic: forest
dimninutive: sapling

(The Gatewood is the best-known, most revered and most feared forest,
though woods in general are known for harboring the spirits of the land,
who may or may not be in a good mood.)

yebaru: to set out on a journey/walk
adjective: exploring, traveling
state: exploration, journey
doer (prof): scout
doer (cas): traveler
tool: awareness, senses
emphatic: migration
diminutive: walk

yehavu: to take responsbility for/(give a) name
adjective: responsible
state: responsibility
doer (prof): parent
doer (cas): "superior," someone who stands for others
tool: name, nature (e.g. "he has a good/bad/evil/quirky nature")
emphatic: command (of someone/something)
diminutive: presumption (not necessarily with negative connotations)

zekaru: to listen/understand
adjective: understanding, knowing, wise
state: understanding
doer (prof): scholar
doer (cas): student
tool: knowledge
emphatic: mastery (of a field of knowledge, skill)
diminutive: lesson



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