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How Does This Look? (Sound Changes)

From:Rob Haden <magwich78@...>
Date:Thursday, August 28, 2003, 19:20
Below is a sample of a full sound change from Proto-Language to Classical
OurTongue.  How does it look in terms of realism?

kxha-no na > kxhanwa-na > kha:nuna > khanon > khanën-ï > ka:nni > ka:nte

I'm particularly concerned about the supposed change from /n:/ ('long'
or 'emphatic' /n/) to /nt/.

The word is 'song,' originally from 'sing-thing.'

Also, is it common for enclitics to be reduced even though word-final
vowels are preserved (i.e. kha:numi(:) 'I sing' > khanon)?

- Rob