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Found the obscure language of Thunder Rock!

From:Irina Rempt-Drijfhout <ira@...>
Date:Thursday, August 5, 1999, 15:45
Packing things for our imminent move (well, not very imminent, not
until December or so but we're having some things stored) Boudewijn
came across the draft of a declaration of war in the language I
mentioned some time ago: nicely agglutinating and with some neat
features that I'd forgotten, like repeating the core pronoun as a
clitic in the verbal phrase and the consistent OVS structure that's
also echoed in the verb phrase.

It's from a joint conculture project that I used to take part in; the
language of a very small country, basically a rock in the middle of a
river, called _Ardh Keraiven_ "Rock of the Foremost Women" or _Arno_
"The Rock" (usually called "Thunder Rock" by other denizens of that
world) and inhabited by a temple full of priestesses.

Grammatical notes and vocabulary below. That the First Lady (the High
Priestess) addresses the Sheber King as -se- (non-human animate) is
not, as I first thought when I read it after eight years, because she
despises him, but because he's in fact an elf and technically doesn't
qualify for -su- (human masculine). Not that she doesn't despise him,
of course, he's trying to exact tribute from her.

I don't think I'll ever start working on this again, so here's all
there is of it. There's also a script, that I rather like, but
that'll have to wait till I put it on my web page.

Kerain=F3 Makhuri.

Kersen=F3i ranan Shebven,
Misen=F3i ebodh=F3miruzlemat lahaive emamat.
Misen=F3i ebodh=F3miruzlemat lahaive erorot.
Lahaive=F3 levodmit=E9r=E9u misen=F3 miseve=F3 mivodleroke.

ker-  ai-n=F3 makhur-i
first-F- DU Makhur-IO  =20

The First Lady to Makhur.

ker-  se-n=F3-i  ran-    a-n    sheb-  ve-n
first-A- DU-IO country-*-Poss Sheber-DP-Poss

King of the country of the Sheber,

mi-se-n=F3-i  e-  bodh- =F3- mi-ruz- le-ma- t   lah-ai-ve e-  ma- ma- t
2- A- DU-IO Neg-money-DO-2c-give-1c-PST-Neg 1-  F- DP Neg-PST-PST-Neg

We never paid you any tribute.

mi-se-n=F3-i  e-  bodh- =F3- mi-ruz- le-ma- t   lah-ai-ve e-  ro- ro- t
2- A- DU-IO Neg-money-DO-2c-give-1c-PST-Neg 1-  F- DP Neg-FUT-FUT-Neg

We will never pay you any tribute.

e-  ma- ro- ke- t

Never at all! ("definitely not until now or in the future")

lah-ai-ve-=F3  le-vod-  mi-t=E9- r=E9- u   mi-se-n=F3=20
1-  F- DP-DO 1c-fight-2c-IGR-INT-CND 2- A- DU

If you try to attack us,

mi-se-ve-=F3  mi-vod-  le-ro- ke
2- A- DP-DO 2c-fight-1c-FUT-PRF=20

we will vanquish you.

be- PRF

That's a fact!


F - feminine, A - non-human animate=20
DU - definite unique, DP - definite plural
DO - direct object, IO - indirect object/vocative
1, 2 - personal pronouns, 1c, 2c - clitic pronouns, Poss - possessive
PST - past tense, FUT - future tense
IGR - ingressive aspect, PRF - perfective aspect
INT - intentional mood, CND - conditional mood
Neg - negation
* - consonant-separating vowel (the one from the last syllable)


ardh - rock
bodh - treasure, money
   bodh=F3ruz "to give treasure" - to pay (tribute)
ker - first, foremost, No. 1
ran - country, realm
ruz - give
tem - exist, be, state of existence, fact
vod - fight, war


n=F3 - unique singular (the sun, the High Priestess, The Rock)
vo - definite singular (the woman)
o  - indefinite singular (a woman)
ve - definite plural (the women)
e  - indefinite plural (women, some women)

Nouns defined by something else have no article:

ardho          a rock
arvo           the rock
Arno           The (Only) Rock=20
Ardh Keraiven  Rock of the First Women


ai  human feminine
su  human masculine
se  non-human animate (elves, animals and forces of nature)

Inanimates are unmarked.


lah (clitic: le)  first person
mi                second person

Third person has only gender and number.


ma     past
mama   distant past; also "always until now"
ro     future
roro   distant future; also "for ever from now on"


ke     perfective, absolute
t=E9     ingressive

Mood and miscellaneous:

r=E9            intentional
u             conditional
e-[phrase]-t  negative

Ingressive fighting =3D to attack; with the intentional: to plan to
attack, to try to attack

Perfective fighting =3D to wage war, to vanquish

Perfective being =3D to be an immutable fact

Note the difference between:

levodmir=E9t=E9 =3D you decide to fight us (first intentional, then
levodmit=E9r=E9 =3D you try to attack us (first ingressive, then

            Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay.
            (myself) (English) (Nederlands)