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Dutch Conlang Club

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Monday, April 8, 2002, 10:28
Irina wrote:

>> Sounds like a nice idea! How about making an official club? >> How do you do that in Holland? > >I was waiting for Boudewijn or Rob to say something, but as >neither of them has done so I'll do it. > >We had one, briefly, Nederlands Genootschap voor Linguafictie. >It foundered because the people in it (no more than half a dozen) >either weren't interested enough any more, or stopped being >friends. It was never "official" as in "founded by deed poll", >and that was a good thing, because that made it much easier >to stop having it when it effectively stopped existing. > >We brought out one yearbook, which appears to me, now, >ten years later, to be hopelessly pretentious. >Were we *that* young? Or perhaps it's just that I've become >curmudgeonly in my middle age...
Well, I'd like to say something about the NGL, I only read this today... The club is officially still in existence. I still recieve post from the bank (we still have money ...). So I think the club can be brought to life easily. Are the Dutch conlangers interested? Rob


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