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Age of Conlangers

From:Diana Slattery <slattd@...>
Date:Thursday, December 19, 2002, 15:15
On 12/18/02 8:32 PM, "Jake X" <starvingpoet@...> wrote:

> I think I am. I joined when I was in eighth grade, but now I'm a freshman. > > <snip> > > Funny twist: when I saw the subject of this post, I read it as ³the age of > conlangers² as in ³the age of enlightenment, innocence, or reason. > > Well, perhaps there¹s something to that. Does anyone else have the sense of > some kind of intense pressure building up, heat and pressure, in the > language-making zone of consciousness as a species, of which one symptom might > be the spontaneous combustion of conlanging in ³the young² (but how many of us > by survey started very early) brought into view and enabled by the WWW > connection and ability to build a community, share ideas, find others, and > generally get encouraged in one¹s ³madness?² All leading perhaps‹and there¹s > nothing but intuition to lead me on here‹some breakthrough in languaging, to > some new means of so doing, to say nothing of new ends in sight. > > I remain, feet firmly planted in mid-air, > > Diana >