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i missed some of your you are!

From:byron walker (vlad) <umwalk05@...>
Date:Thursday, April 1, 1999, 13:49

here's the reponses for what i missed the first time around.....oi!

>Ah, very practical... for a hunter-gatherer; who are the speakers of
lanu'o? well the speakers of =9Ai: (i figured it out....the people living down t= he river from them call their language "lanu'o".... glad to get that settled once and for all). They are a smallish ethnic (less than 1000 pop.) group residing in and around the nile delta, along (what they call) the sudanai gorge. They are a hunter-gatherer group, with a deeply-held shamanic tradtion...their use of hallucinogenic substances is known all the way do= wn into Nubia (this is all in an alternate timeline where the egyptian dynasties, greeks, romans, etc. didn't repress the ethnic minorities of t= he area). They are literate, but only use their alphabet (adapted from the coptic) for recording visions and past lives revealed from their use of t= he plant preparation _hana'hu'aska_. They are tall, thin, very dark-skinned, and act as messengers up and down the river valley, because of their renowned endurance. Their only shortcoming (to the eyes of those living around them) is their irritating habit of sacrificing the brains of peopl= e they do not like, and making burnt offerings with it to The Man Who Lives= In The Sun. Lucky for them, this doesn't happen very often, as they have fai= rly good relations with those living around them.
>> neme - To shake a blanket to get all the dust out >You mean a bearskin? :-)
nope, no bears in egypt! (at least not _this_ egypt, lol). they trade wit= h a tribe up the river which weaves blankets with wool they get from who-knows-where... any more comments? let me know! .fana=91gwibo=92mo twi khi=92ne nggi juvaa=92dehai=92re, ni sho=92mue duv= i atama