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Cool Word: groovy

From:Joshua Shinavier <ajshinav@...>
Date:Thursday, April 1, 1999, 10:09
Hey, what a coincidence :-)

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    The Learning Kingdom's Cool Word of the Day for April 1, 1999

                       groovy [adj.  GROO-vee]


If something is groovy it's quite pleasing, wonderful, and delightful,
and to groove is to experience great pleasure: "The music was groovy,
and we were grooving on the flowers and butterflies."

Today this word is obsolete slang, which is another way of saying it's
out of style.  Although many people remember it from the sixties, it
had an earlier origin.

In the 1930s, jazz musicians knew that to be "in the groove" was to
play with effortless grace, to feel the music flowing through them.
The phrase might have been a reference to the way a phonograph needle
would slide easily along in the groove of a record.  The shortened
form, "groovey," was in the dictionary as early as 1937, was in use
through the early forties, and then dropped out of common speech.

In the mid-sixties, the word had a second life with the modern
spelling, adopted by flower children and hippies, and the verb form
emerged.  Today, it has once again disappeared from popular use,
except as part of deliberately out-of-style speech.

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