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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Sunday, January 19, 2003, 0:11
Dennis paltalge:
>I believe Sylvia Sotomayor's Kelen is verbless >also.
Close, but not really, as I understand it. There are some four relation words (I think that's what she called them) that function as verbs. I forget how individual action types worked (most languages' verbs). And I know what I do because of the last relay. I had an idea for a verbless language, also. It would work with prepositional phrases, and the prepositions would probably inflect for tense. Therefore you'd have something like "On-past him seeing toward me" for "He saw me". Passive voice would probably require a different set of prepositions, but then, you might use something like "On-past me seeing from him" for "I was seen by him". Awkward, but I like it. I think I'll make it. ~Wright.


Sylvia Sotomayor <kelen@...>