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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 22, 2003, 3:50
H. S. Teoh:
> 1) CONLANG is not the place to solicit for your pet language
That we all agree on.
> 2) If you want to talk about the relative merits and flaws of auxlangs > (international langs, philosophical langs, perfect langs, whatever you > call them), the appropriate forum is AUXLANG
No, conlang is for discussion of conlang design, auxlang was set up for advocacy and arguments about which auxlang people ought to adopt. (Maybe it evolved into a general discussion of auxlang design too -- I don't know, because I thankfully never subscribed to it when Lars's Great Banishment happened.) So long as Andrew is explicit about the criteria he is using to compare conlangs, this is an appropriate forum, though not an ideal one. "Philosophical langs, perfect langs" are not necessarily auxlangs, and anyway, dicussion of auxlang design is permitted here.
> 3) We are NOT interested in statements like "Ygyde is better than language > X because ..." or "language X is superior/inferior to language Y > because ...".
Some of us are (in principle, even if not in practise), so long as all the underlying assumptions are spelt out, e.g. "Ygyde is better than language X at realizing design goal Y, because ...".
> We are NOT interested in presumptuous and imposing > statements like "my way of building a language is better than yours", or > "my way of creating words is more sensible than yours". This all belongs > to AUXLANG
> 4) We *are* interested in statements like "in Ygyde, noun case is > indicated by the use of particles X, Y, Z" or "Ygyde's scheme for color > words is X, Y, Z", or "Ygyde treats pronouns differently from English, > and this is how it does it", or even, "Ygyde has a taxonomic > vocabulary, and this is how it works: ...".
I used to be interested in that stuff in the olden days when any info about any artlang was nigh on impossible to come by so was like manna from heaven when it came. But now I am very sated, and only really interested in "in Ygyde, noun case is indicated by the use of particles X, Y, Z because this seems the optimal solution to design goal G". Mind you, certain artlangs still delight me, but more for the general artistic excellence of their overall execution. --And.