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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Bryan Maloney <> <slimehoo@...>
Date:Thursday, January 23, 2003, 15:53
--- In, Muke Tever <mktvr@C...> wrote:
> From: "Andrew Nowicki" <andrew@M...> > > I goofed. Christianity is a proper noun, so it > > should begin with a consonant: > > Christianity = bonate = "proper noun wet religious organization" > > > > In my opinion baptism is more important. > > There is no such thing as a Christian that > > has not been baptized. > > I'm going to have to disagree with that :x) > > Christianity isnt about belonging to any "religious organization",
but about the
> teachings of a particular person. Many (possibly many, many)
Let's bring things back onto the ground. Are Quakers (Society of Friends) Christian? They consider themselves to be such, but do not practice baptism as a necessary rule.


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