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Ng'and'ana phonology

From:Elliott Belser <renyard@...>
Date:Thursday, January 31, 2002, 1:27
Okay... the Ng'and'ana phonology, revisited.

ae [aj]
a [a]
e [e]
i [i]
o [o]
u [u]
ay [ej]

Is this correct?

Also, for a really thick Ng'and'ana accent, anything after a letter N
is nasalised, until broken with a sfir.  So 'anda' is pronounced
[andja], ana [anya], but Ng'and'ana is still [ng'and'anja] not

The first line of a ancient phrophecy in Ng'anda.

Tieh ben'av famer, sho'ben'av lon Qar'anda.
[tieh ben'av famer sho'ben'av lon Xar'andja.]
Time being-PRET first, we-being-PRET the Shard-Soul.
In the beginning, we were the Shattered Soul.

And the first of the next stanza:

Tieh ben'a sho'rever'am.
Time being-PRES we-remember-CONT.
Now we have awakened.