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Advice wanted re 'Briefscript'

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Friday, September 18, 1998, 14:57
John Cowan wrote:
> Raimundus A. Brown scripsit: > > > [W]hat I want, and some other conlangers have aimed for, is to > > have a language with SELF-SEGREGATING MORPHEMES. It's my understanding > > that Loglan & lojban do this and Rex May is aiming for this in his Ceqli. > > Actually, Lo{gl,jb}an has a two-level self-segregating system: words > as well as morphemes (where a word may contain one or more morphemes) > self-segregate. In -gua!spi, on the other hand, words are monomorphemic > (compound words are the same as phrases) and only one level exists. > IIRC, And's Livagian segregates words but not morphemes.
That's correct. Selfsegregating morphology doesn't strike me as very useful except for learners of the language, but Livagian is not designed to be easy to learn, and indeed has polymorphemic products of productive morphology (as opposed to words that are etymologically derived from two morphemes) only in the closed-class lexis, where the lack of selfsegregating morphemes is not problematic. Furthermore, because of part of the way the language is defined, homonymy is impossible, so the "sukero" problem never arises. ---And.