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Re: Advice wanted re 'Briefscript'

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Saturday, September 19, 1998, 14:49
Raymond A. Brown wrote:

> [kut] > > But as in one of the many tedious exchanges on that list it became quite > apparent that we meant quite different things by the term "monosyllabic", I > have no doubt that we understand quite different things by the term > "morpheme" and hence have quite different notions of what constitutes > "self-segregating morphology". In the words of Mark Line: Our ontologies > are different. Therefore, sadly, I feel little profit would be gained by > our discussing this anywhere.
Frankly, I am not into discussing either "monosyllabic" or "morpheme" as it relates to actual usage of a language. I am not into that much academia anymore, since I found I make more progress into actual usage by just doing. I can dissect walking into the finitest speck of the firing of the single cell to the mass movement of the body via electrochemical means, and die in my chair from the lack of actual walking. Therefore, I have no further plans to discuss what you feel "sadly, I feel little profit would be gained by our discussing this anywhere." And, I don't believe I advocated doing that anyway. I would rather use Speedwords where it works, than discuss why it won't work based on a rare potential problem that only a total beginner would possibly run into, if they ever thought to even ask the question. They would simply look in the dictionary and find only one word that could be used in such an incident, and not mistake the meaning. Besides, let's not forget context, etc. Dutton deliberately kept Speedwords to only about 493 radicals so the whole thing would be, and is, a very simple system. It is not as if one has to learn a "whole language" of 10-30,000 words before they can understand "self-segregating morphology". And, again, I won't mention it again if you won't. ;--))) My real concern is this Ray. You have a perfect right to state where your Briefscript started from. However, when you state your experience is that Speedwords lack this or that, you don't seem to realize that your "stature" with languages gives the impression that "that's it, there is no further answer or question the authority has spoken". So, I am concerned when I see you make such statements. You may not see your statements as having that kind of impact, but I do, especially if there is no other side of the story to balance out the statements. Al l sue, Bob, x+