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Re: Dictionaries and modified Latin sort orders

From:James Campbell <james@...>
Date:Saturday, August 18, 2001, 20:21
Fabian eskrë, jolhalen ime (quoting me) »

> > I have a similar problem, because Jameld has an extra letter, a ts > ligature, > > which is sorted between S and T. In my database, I have one column > with the > > Jameld word as it should be printed, and one with a 'sort order' > value, > > which for most words is the same as the first column, but if an Auts > (ts > > ligature) is present, it is replaced with 'sz'. If I sort by that > field, the > > dictionary prints out in the correct Jameld order. > > > > Could I suggest a similar solution for Kash? If you have a separate > column > > for the 'sort order' value, you could copy the Kash word into it and > then > > replace the first letter with a 2-digit numeric value, e.g.: > > Maltese also suffers from a lack of proper alphabet sort-order support. > What database program do you use? I know Shoebox has excellent support > for odd sort orders, but Access is sadly lacking in this department > afaik. > > Tech support on posible solutions is welcome.
For Tech support, you'd better ask Danny Wier :) I use Access 2000, and I fake my own sort-order using the method outlined above. It's the kind of issue, solvable by guile, that I enjoy in my secular work as a database programmer. The two-digit solution I suggested for Kash, I would imagine, could be adapted to many alphabets (indeed, I'd need to use something like that if I ever get round to a proper Rahha wordlist/dict, as Rahha's sort order would be entirely non-Latin), but there could be flaws I'm not aware of as I only came up with it for my reply to Roger, and I haven't actually tried it myself yet. If you'd like any detailed tech support on a specific sort-order issue, please feel free to mail me privately. James ========================================================================= James Campbell Zeugma--Our Life Is Design [This quote left intentionally blank] =========================================================================