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Dictionaries and modified Latin sort orders

From:James Campbell <james@...>
Date:Thursday, August 16, 2001, 10:05
Roger Mills eskrë »

> Conlang: Mills, Añakrangota Sende Kash [Kash] (2001): otrosho - (n) > ceramic ware; (adj) ceramic [subject to change as new words are
> Follows own order: Consonants (velar, palatal, dental, labial), Vowels (a
> e u o)--initial sounds only; internal sounds by English order. I haven't > yet figured out how to make the computer sort the whole 2000-plus lexicon
> Kash order.
I have a similar problem, because Jameld has an extra letter, a ts ligature, which is sorted between S and T. In my database, I have one column with the Jameld word as it should be printed, and one with a 'sort order' value, which for most words is the same as the first column, but if an Auts (ts ligature) is present, it is replaced with 'sz'. If I sort by that field, the dictionary prints out in the correct Jameld order. Could I suggest a similar solution for Kash? If you have a separate column for the 'sort order' value, you could copy the Kash word into it and then replace the first letter with a 2-digit numeric value, e.g.: g 01 k 02 l 05 t 10 d 11 b 15 p 16 a 20 i 30 e 40 u 50 o 60 So 'otrosho' would have a 'sort order' value of '60trosho'. Just a thought. James ========================================================================= James Campbell Zeugma--Our Life Is Design When I arrive in Memphis, I'll put a sign out on the door: "It's OK to disturb me, that's what I came here for." Chuck Cuminale (Colorblind James) 1952-2001 =========================================================================


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