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Re: Syntactic differences within parts of speech

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, September 1, 2006, 21:16

Elliott Lash wrote:
>What verb are you using for buy? Something like ><kaitoru> ? The word I learned was <kau>, I guess this >is some sort of compound, like kai+toru..maybe >"buy-take"? Or something. > -elliott
Yes, exactly. :-) Hmm, my normal news reader does not support UTF-8 via the xterm terminal I am currently using, so I will try the web form to post this: '買い取る' ka i to ru The first Kanji is the same as in <kau> '買う' and '取る' is 'to take'. (In case the Unicode does not work, the word is U+8CB7 U+3044 U+53D6 U+308B) **Henrik


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