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From:Joshua Shinavier <vehreneld@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 16, 1999, 23:54
Hello to all!

I'm returning to the list (well almost...) after three months of solitary=

conlanging contemplation, and I've just finished a new version of the
Danoven pages.  I'm still in the process of revising Danoven/Aroven
and the language has developed a good deal during the last few months,
but I *think* I'm finally drawing to a closing point of sorts...

This weekend I uploaded 7 new chapters and 58 new audio recordings to
the Danoven pages, along with expanded versions of a few other chapters,
and I'd like to invite any CONLANGer who's interested to come and take
a look!  A lot of the new chapters (listed below) have to do with
phonology and word construction, and I'd be interested to hear everyone's=

opinions on this sort of thing, not being a linguist or even much of a
amateur linguist myself, and not having taught any of this to anyone
before.  I'm a little concerned that much of my terminology might be
incorrect, especially on the Vowels page; corrections are welcome.

Most of the new sound files (in plain .wav format, I'm afraid -- I
downloaded RealAudio to the computer I was using to make these recordings=

but the program would let me neither record nor convert from .wav to .ra
format, so I used the ordinary Windows recorder-thing; the sound quality
is still much better than the old recordings were, though) are on the
Phonology page, which I've edited and expanded on quite a bit, and the
rest (some longer clips) are near the top of the Semantic Words page.

Happy conlanging!

Josh Shinavier
(still in Calif.; will be officially de-lurking when I get back to
Switzerland next week)


Main page:

Brand new chapters on the Danoven pages (including some older pages
which didn't upload right last time around):

  Intro page:
  Word construction:
  Consonant pairs:

Chapters with new sections added:
   Semantic words:
   The life of Jedas (on the old Aruven page):

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