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Lexicons and Language Borrowing

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 17, 1999, 5:33
Irina Rempt wrote:

> I'm curious how other people come up with words - I know some people > who can sit down and *make* them, but if I try that I usually have to > throw away ninety-five percent of the result.
I've done that before, and ended up not using most of them. But I dogo around (and have done all my life, it seems) making up fabulous combinations of syllables, and then trying to adapt them to Teonaht. Here are some at random--I tend to like pen-penultimate stress: Eldevrya -- (el-DEV-ree-uh) (I love the word Aldeberon... and also Hannah Green's "Falling God": Anterrabae (WOW!) Fyotifod (fee-OH-tih-fohd) Nesryanddyza (ness-ree-on-DEEZ-uh) Farlarop (FAR-lah-rohp) --this one I think I'm gonna keep. It sounds to me like a hurled object. Here are some from my word diary: hselimak (SHEL-ih-mak) feppryd (feh-PREED) dolifya (duo-LIF-ee-uh) -- this one I entered as "noise," "commotion." bisiristimy (bih-sih-RIS-tih-mee) -- this sounds like an operation (because of the "tomy" undoubtedly, but I really do need to find a terrific meaning for this word.)
> Most of the time, if I > need a word for something, I dip into my stock of unused stems and > consider them one by one until I hit one that fits.
This is what I started keeping the word diary for, but I find that I justlove making long complicated words that I could never attach any kind of history to. My word for heaven-- Erahenahil (ehr-ah-HEN-ah-hil) is one such word that my tongue just intuitively rolled around one day long ago. Sometimes combinations of stems gives me something ugly, and then I have to decide whether I'm going to let logic or aesthetic prevail. Didn't I say I was yry aryel? Me all departing? I'm outta here? Gotta run? ;-) Back to packing. Sally FARLAROP-- "a hurled object." "An object one vents one's anger on." "One who is hit by a hurled object." "Scapegoat."