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how do I get a flippin' gmail account?

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Friday, April 22, 2005, 21:13
Guys, I'm getting teary-eyed thinking of the kindness of all you gmailers!
*wiping eyes*  I've had about seven or eight invitations, I'm so touched;
and I've gone to the page, set up my fake name, set up my new password,
twice, checked the question for security, written out the weird little
conlang word in the box, agreed to the terms of agreement, and it puts me
back in the same bloody page and asks for my password again.  I've tried
several passwords, I tried logging on, none of the passwords WORKED, and now
I'm wondering what I did wrong.

Do they want my real name in the first and last name section?  I've been
putting in some ridiculous things, because I don't want my REAL name, not
even "Sally Caves," to be displayed when I use this dratted thing.  Is that
the problem?  They want the name that's associated with my scaves
frontiernet account?  When you an invite do you give my name and I'm
supposed to repeat it?  Will they keep that secret?  Or can come on line as
the name I've picked and that's it?

How many of the rest of you have had difficulties with this thing?

Lips trembling with frustration...

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>I know I'm repeating a million such requests, but I've seen gmail at work, > it looks convenient, I've heard the complaints ("watch header!"), but > geez, > is it like the Junior League where you have to have a member "introduce" > you > into the inner sanctum? > > Wouldn't mind information, step by step, privately sent if you want. > > Sally >


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