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Re: OT TECH: Hallelujah,"System Restore"!

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Saturday, February 7, 2004, 0:30
--- Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote:

> You do lose any programs downloaded since the > date chosen, but it doesn't > affect files, email, favorites etc. > > I trust there are no serious problems > associated with the procedure..........
You might try some kind of spyware - a program that seeks out and destroys popup generating cookies and similar on your system. Of course, this should be done periodically, but at least you don't have to reset your system to some previous configuration. Padraic. ===== kâsu ñomklyu tsrasi&#347;&#347;i &#347;äk kälymentwam! -- Punyavantajâtaka -- Ill Bethisad -- <> Come visit The World! -- <> .