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Re: CHAT: Cockney Orkish as she is spoken.

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 23, 1999, 15:54
Andrew Smith wrote:

> (Ugluk u bagronk sha pushdug Saruman-glob! The end of the curse > '...bubhush skai' seems to have dropped off the end of the script.)
<whinge>Make them put it back! Make them put it back! <pedantic>It's "bubhosh".</pedantic></whinge>
> Difference in opinions hath cost many millions of lives: for instance, > whether flesh be bread, or bread be flesh; whether the juice of a certain > berry be blood or wine;
These are about transsubstantiation, but what do the next two refer to?
> whether whistling be a vice or a virtue; whether > it be better to kiss a post or throw it on the fire..., with many more. > - Jonathan Swift; Gulliver's Travels.
-- John Cowan You tollerday donsk? N. You tolkatiff scowegian? Nn. You spigotty anglease? Nnn. You phonio saxo? Nnnn. Clear all so! 'Tis a Jute.... (Finnegans Wake 16.5)