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Re: OZBOLAMDE (or How to Invent a Conlang in 5 Minutes)

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Monday, January 19, 2004, 15:50
--- Javier BF <uaxuctum@...> wrote:
> (Inspired by a post in alt.lang.artificial) > > OZBOLAMDE
So it occured to me that it would be interesting to take some rather long piece of literature, longer at least than just a short story, and perhaps even a whole novel, and to apply mutations to the English of the story as the story progressed. By the end of the story or novel the reader would be reading and understanding a totally different language assimilated in small doses as each new mutation was introduced. The trick would be to make each mutation small enough that the reader could easily get accustomed to it by reading three or four paragraphs with that mutation added. But the cumulative effect of all the mutations would be to change English into a language with a completely different system of verb conjugation, and maybe even into a heavily inflected language with little resemblence to English. Hmmm. I think I'm going to give that a try. Stay tuned for progress reports :) --gary