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Kalieda climate

From:Rik Roots <rikroots@...>
Date:Saturday, February 2, 2002, 12:26
Just a quick note to say that I've added some climate information about my
conworld - Kalieda - to my website, which can be viewed at

The highlights are: a planet with 89% ocean and 11 % land, which means that
the planetary air circulations are not greatly disrupted by landmasses (and
a hell of a lot of precipitation).

An icebound north pole and an ice free south pole, partly accounted for by:
the north pole lying over a continental plate and the south over a much
deeper oceanic plate; differences in oceanic currents on the northern and
southern hemisphere, including a circumpolar arctic ocean current;
and  orbital perihelion (is that the right one? I mean the planet's
furthest point from its star) occuring roughly 10 days after northern
hemisphere winter solstice.

And tropical storms which can last for months.

Comments and suggestions are, as ever, more than welcome.



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