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Some questions.....

From:djón-emenju'el drék <losatia@...>
Date:Saturday, February 2, 2002, 9:34

Firstly, can anyone give examples of languages with a typically SVO order
but with post-positions?

Secondly, what do you call the mood which is halfway between positive and
negative, but not wrt possibility?  As in 'Bob sorta loves Alice' and 'he
kinda runs'.... I've nicknamed it Sortative/Kindative ;)  but I want to know
if there is a techinical term.

Yes, I know I can look on the web, but you guys are such a convenient
linguistic resource! :D

btw, I've created a email address just for this list - my previous (and
main) one is (yes, its still me, John-Emmanuel, the
quiet one :)


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