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Re: milimpulaktasin

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Saturday, April 21, 2001, 17:16
Okay, I'm gonna do an "all-at-once" reply here...

daniel andreasson wrote:
> > The songs and text reading of Teonaht makes me wonder if > Sally Caves really is American. She sounds like she could > be a native Teonim. It sounds marvellous. >
Ooh! Amazing! Next to all these wonderful, wonderful recordings, my mangling of Ajuk will sound... ordinary, at best.
> > > Yes, I like that too. Very melancholy to say the least. And the > > > songs in Teonaht are very nice too, two voices and everything. Oh, > > > and the poems in Asiteya. They're great! > > > Ooh! Where can I get these? > > Teonaht: > > > Asiteya: > > > Are there more sound samples out there? It would be great > to collect links to all sound samples of conlangs and keep > them on a special "conlang sound page".
That's a good idea! We'ver got the above two, and yours for Pimak, and Herman Miller's, and when I get the chance there'll be one for Ajuk. daniel andreasson wrote:
> > Herman Miller wrote: > > > I put up some samples of my langs on my Netscape site a > > couple years ago. > > > > Oh! These are great! I remember listening to the langs > of the chipmunks and the mice [these are so fun and cute!], > but for some reason I've never listened to Olaetyan, Rynnan, > etc. You sound fluent in all of them. They sound slightly > Slavic. Is there a site where the samples are in text?
Urk. I don't have the time to listen to these now, but I will when I get the chance.
> And what's up with your site at > ? > Clicking on the links only gets me to 404-pages.
Really? They work fine for me. -- Robert