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Re: Time words and that ZBB game (was Re: Reviving an old tradition)

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Friday, February 17, 2006, 23:54
On 2/9/06, Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...> wrote:

> Here's a thought: I'll throw open the floor to anyone who wants to play > that ZBB game with Br'ga. I need roots, with syllable shape CV(C) of up to > three syllables, where > > V is one of /a A Q e 7 o i M u a: A: Q: e: 7: o: i: M: u: @/ > > and > > C is one of /b B\ tS d r f g R\ h k l K L\ n p s S t cC v\ w x j s_m/
Are there restrictions about medial clusters? CV(C) seems to imply any two consonants can occur on a syllable boundary.
> Note that //n// assimilates POA to the following consonant, even through a > vowel. Word-final //n// assimilates to the preceeding consonant. Thus, > //dineL\// becomes /diNeL\/ and //wAna:n// becomes /wAma:m/. I wouldn't > know what to do with a word where the only consonant was //n// but my gut > says it'd default to /n/. If it matters, you can use Quenya or Latin > stress rules to imagine the sound of a word.
Here are a few roots for you: /bQSuxi/ /gecCM/ /NegtSAn/ -- Jim Henry