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OT: What? the clean-shaven outnumber the bearded? "Yer Ugly Mug," etc.

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, May 4, 2003, 15:42
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Andreas Johansson wrote:

> For some reason, the YUM claims that I'm 20 years old, despite correctly > displaying my birht date as 17th Januar 1982. It's making a similar
> with Christophe's age, and I think everyone who's already've had their '03 > birthday. Is this fixable?
What will be curious about this is seeing whether your age changes on the YUM site once you've passed your birthday. I'm 49, and I'd like to stay that way. :) Got my ugly mug up there, finally (what an ordeal with my computer!), though it's a picture of me taken when I was 41. It's my favorite picture, and the way I want to be remembered (hence the corny "feathering" all around it). What different walks of life y'all are from!! I noticed a strong interest expressed in science fiction; I guess that's not surprising. As for expectations, I must say that Christophe Grandsire looks as I imagined him to; and I do wish And Rosta would put a photo up. The photo that someone posted of him was a close match of the picture I had of him in my head. Surprises: Jeff Henning and his family in cowboy gear (what a hoot!). Stone Gordonssen's dramatic photo. Vote for the conlanger who looks the least like one's stereotype of an inventor of imaginary languages, and he'd win it! <G> Notables: Rik Roots with the monkey, Byron Walker's "most modest" picture--the landscape takes precedence. Bnathyuw: loved the weird green metal submarine machine thingy in the background and the dramatic lighting. Sylvia Sotomayor's most relaxed picture. It's a good thing she pointed out which one of the four she was! (I knew; I met her!) Someone else remarked several days ago that the women were mostly dark-haired. I made a list of the number of men who were bearded (at least in the pictures that were available). The clean-shaven men slightly outnumber the bearded men. This has about as much meaning as the dark-haired women, but there it is. David Paul Himes looks like Gandalf with glasses. Great picture! Yes, this is focussing on your faces... but remember I've got quite a number of your surveys. So I'm interested in what you all look like. This is a wonderful project, Peter... just fix the age glitch (especially the one that turns me 50 on August 3)... and be proud that you've provided us a way to see each other. This will undoubtedly promote even greater camaraderie and politesse on the List. H.S.Teoh, who keeps claiming that he looks perfectly normal, and not insane and maggelitous, should put his photo up. I'd also like to see Padraic Brown and Andrew Smith. See if someone can coax Matt Pearson and David Bell to put up profiles. And as an honorary conlanger (or funlanger, or philolanger), Andrew Nowicki ought to set something up there as well. <G> Karyts! Back to work... Sally Caves Eskkoat ol ai sendran, rohsan nuehra celyil takrem bomai nakuo. "My shadow follows me, putting strange, new roses into the world."


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