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Re: Semitic/semetic (Was Re: New to the List and New Languages)

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 27, 2002, 0:40
On Tuesday 26 November 2002 02:37 pm, Tim May wrote:
> > So it's like a Semetic language with a consonantal root system, > except with > tone. :) > > > Semitic, not Semetic. Sorry if that was just a typo, Peter, but I > keep seeing it spelled this way, and I'm not sure why. Semetic isn't > in any dictionary I can find, but Google finds ~8260 matches; a lot > less than the correct spelling at ~287000, but surely more than you'd > expect for a randomly selected spelling error.
Ah, but I've taken over Jack Durst's role of creative misspellings. :) (Note that I resisted the urge to misspell "misspell"--that would have been a cheap shot.) My object apologues--I was writing via a web mail interphase, rather than my beloved KMail with its handy spell cheque. ;> :Peter