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"two be"

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, December 28, 2001, 0:02
Clint Jackson Baker wrote:
>I always feel like there should be a more active verb >than "to be", but not quite "to do". What I mean is, >when you have something which is essential to your >being but which is only expressed in action. I often >find myself butchering English trying to say things >like, "It's not something you do, but something you >be." To say "you are" sounds too passive for my >meaning. So, guess what? I'll have two "to be"'s in >my conlang. Understand that these root words in my >language are common and will get a lot of working >out--future posts will show my developing grammar a >little better. > >How to use this? To cover things like the difference >between: >I wait tables (to cover the bills), but I'm (really) >an actor. ("regular to be" before, but "active to be" >after.)
Hah! Good. so-- (active to be?) "I'm not a doctor, but.... (regular to be?) I play (am) one on TV" Or vice-versa?


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