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Re: A translation exercise

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 28, 1999, 16:37
The Gray Wizard <dbell@...> wrote:
> > I recently picked up an old German Reader (circa 1933) which included some > Aesop-like tales that I thought might make interesting translation > exercises.
[snip] Here it is, in Draseléq. No interlinear yet, since I'm lazy today (but I will eventually put this up in my website with all the bells and whistles). I'll only make some side notes: ========================================================================= Naof mi rrogon No articles, as you may notice. Rin gran na nolt rrogon sänq naof tel baq, "A san käs, rin gran pò 'Hungry' is _rin gran_ 'with ars, brun na farmadaldvian sar. hunger'. Many sensations and Giad rroner tägner tadh. Qaik i feelings are nouns. gian imalain léldoter? Qaik gader? Qaik imaler?" "Qet san énqgrones púntakon", athmaq These constructions like 'so rrogon. "Puntak san enqgronn, san much X that...' and 'as much énqgrones olmür pavelel. Per fa, i X as...' are terribly difficult imalain pò dreft bünd i bürr qged in Draseléq! san enqgron sarn." Tel baq naof, "Tàpongnil gaden. 'Poorly' = 'scarcely' (_pongnil_). Mèbnot luamnot drasin nambath <-not> means 'time'; it's beginning drasin mä`nth trest, fa tel to be used as a temporal locative imaltien san kìrrag san teuth i ending. freth lelet. Fan famp fambrun farmadgaden. Lif gran thrósosek <thros-> 'die' reduplicates <-os-> san kìrrag san teuth. Per fa, for progressive action. sas brun fa tenenqesat renthes púntakon taus bün ólmathür pavélalat." Minik drasin nambath tegeq rrogon mi naof na rrognes olm. Aqrim i rrognes vep naiaq naof. Rin pektur _Vep_ 'neck, all around' is not the arsel baq, "Kis dhuar ar gian vep same as _vul_ 'front neck, throat'. naiat. Kis dhuar kerarek on rrógonthes The plural of _vep_ 'neck' is _vef_. vef?" "Frararek", athmaq rrogon. "On _Frar-ar-ek_ 'They are not' (all necks rrógonthes fret. I fqen thonet, mebnot. without hair). There's a word for 'no' Mebnot sot fun san énqgrones olmür rin but I'm thinking of eliminating it. fqen ars. Stossam fqen taus qof stos. <stos-sam-> '(to be) iron-made'. Per fa, vebür kis dhuar ars. Luamür nertl tadh. Luamnot trest drassanth dreft büntth." "A rrint lalet", baq naof rrogonn. "Qanôn gran, tàqanôn fqen tadh. <qanôn-> 'to press, to torture' (hunger) I fqen farthonet, i fqen farthónadat. Dhaimbal lif gran rin san kìrrag san teuth be thros. Na énqgronür drünil teg a giad. Rrin tágingün tàrrín rin gran arsen, tàrrín nertlün be rrin i fqen thonden. Nedrer." _Nedrer_ < _ned-er-er_ (wind_blow.SBJ.2s) is a common greeting ('may your wind blow'?). ========================================================================= --Pablo Flores