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Re: Bastet Relay Translation Web Finally Up!!

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 30, 2001, 13:08
bjm10@CORNELL.EDU wrote:
> > I will say this--a Praxian version of this would have to be very > different or would end up being a paean in praise of the most evil things > imaginable.
I presume you're talking about Gospel of Bastet Selections. It's a dark text. Dark obscure, not dark evil.
> > Quietly accepting suffering and doing nothing about it?
No! Where are you getting this idea? If you suffer, it is Bastet, "sending you her MICE!" Find a way to work around your afflictions and eat them up as you do your prey. If you are afflicted by wounds, it is the talons of Bastet. She strokes you into strength. A Teonaht version of "whatever doesn't kill makes you stronger." That sounds like
> the lies of the /negjum@nAnT/, exactly the sort of things they try to > tell our warriors to make them soft and weak so they can conquer us, > steal our herds, and make our children starve!
Hmmm. Are you talking about the original Relay post? It's about not being a peeping tom. For the sayings of another deity, there is Grorel, goddess of war and strategy--in wartime. Bastet is about making it in the peacetime world.
> Of course, felines are enemies of the people, anyway, since they prey > upon the herds.
Not for the Teonim. The enemies are the jackels and the wolves. -- ========================================================== "The gods have retractible claws." from _The Gospel of Bastet_ ============================================================