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Re: CHAT: Tolkien (was Re: fantasy)

From:Grandsire, C.A. <grandsir@...>
Date:Thursday, November 25, 1999, 9:54
Ed Heil wrote:
> > Grandsire, C.A. wrote: > > > > > It is, knowing how Tolkien despised the pointed ears of the elves > of > > the folk view. He said it enough to consider that giving pointed ears to > > Elves in LotR is not a good idea, if only to respect his memory. > > The rest of your points are well taken, but I don't think I've ever > heard of Tolkien saying even once, much less repeatedly, that he > despised pointed-eared elves. Can you support this? >
Not right now, but the article I had read had references to some letters of Tolkien where he said how he despised the common view of elves as delicate, small and pointed-eared creatures, as well as the small, insect-winged fairies. Well, maybe "despise" is too stong a word, but at least there is some evidence that he didn't like the pointed ears (other people should be able to inform you better than this, as I don't have the article right now, it must have stayed in France). I don't think he really despised pointed ears as such, but he certainly found them useless ornaments that reminded people too much of the common "childish" fairy tales which have nothing to do with LotR. -- Christophe Grandsire Philips Research Laboratories -- Building WB 145 Prof. Holstlaan 4 5656 AA Eindhoven The Netherlands Phone: +31-40-27-45006 E-mail: