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Re: CHAT: Tolkien (was Re: fantasy)

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, November 27, 1999, 1:13
Lars Henrik Mathiesen wrote:

> IIRC, it was different between the three 'subethnicities' --- the > Stoors, the Tooks, and I forget. But most hobbits certainly had very > hairy feet. > > I don't think it's not made perfectly clear in the book, but I always > assumed that these three groups had some admixture of elven, human and > dwarven blood, respectively.
Ha ha! And I always thought they were based on the Welsh! The stocky body build, the round solid faces, the brown curly hair and brown eyes, the hilly terrain. I always saw them as leprechaunized Welshmen! PACE!!!! she screams, having spent a year of her life in Wales. The names are very Anglo, but the faces are Welsh. Sally ============================================================ SALLY CAVES (bragpage) (T. homepage) (all else) ===================================================================== Niffodyr tweluenrem lis teuim an. "The gods have retractible claws." from _The Gospel of Bastet_ ============================================================