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Re: CHAT: This or that that.

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Friday, February 16, 2007, 3:17
Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:

> >> I also tend to pick up whatever pronunciation those > >> around me use, and not only in English, which can be kind > >> of embarrassing at times, actually. > > > > My feeling is that I cannot exactly go about *educating* > > those people. > > Did I say you should? I think you misunderstood me totally.
Oh sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you said that at all. I just wanted to say what I felt, no intention of any disagreement.
> I only said that if you first use one accent when you meet > people, then suddenly or gradually start aping their accent > it's embarrassing for me. I do this when I go to different > German-speaking parts too, or even in Denmark and Norway! > It's not *their* accent which is embarrassing, but *my* > failure to maintain the integrity of my own accent(s) in > different languages.
I feel a little different from you here. I was brought up by a well- meaning mother who stripped me of much of the local accent. Luckily I couldn't avoid picking up some of it from friends and relatives, but for many years my language has been frightfully mixed up with Bokmål, without much integrity at all. Neither do I have any integrity with my school English as opposed to the *real* english of the Englishmen I meet. My language is kind of an empty shell without much flavour to it. Which is part of the reason why I so easily pick up flavours from elsewhere I guess. Luckily it caused me to wake up a little when I moved to Sunnfjord 5 years ago. Here the dialect has a pretty strong flavour, too strong even for comprehension sometimes. And so different and yet so alike to my southeastern one that I don't pick it up just right away. Early on I fancied learning it, but more recently I have reflected the local pride of my neighbours in an attempt to restore some of the integrity of my own speech instead. There are elements that I know well because I grew up with them, but that I have never used, like the in -ane or the participles in -andes for example. It takes some getting used to. Maybe I will become a whole person some time...;-) Another thing that's struck me in the process in fact is the amount of features that we have in common after all and that are alien to Bokmål. I think there is no escape from the conclusion that Bokmål is nothing but Danish with a Norwegian accent and thus rather inadequate as a writing system for Norwegian. LEF