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Adpositions gaining new uses

From:Ina van der Vegt <gijsstrider@...>
Date:Sunday, November 16, 2008, 20:45
Something I've been noticing about my L1 (Dutch) is that in some
situations, the adposition 'op' (Roughly the same as the English
adposition 'on') has gained a new use.

As I am no good at explaining, I'll give some examples, and try some
of my theories afterward.

Hij / moet / op / de / computer.
He / should / on / the / computer.
He should use the computer.

Ik / wil / op / de / playstation.
I / want / on / the / playstation.
I want to use the playstation.

Ik / zit / op / gitaarles.
I / sit / on / guitar lesson.
I am taking guitar lessons.

Now, I think this use originally came from the last use, as 'op'
defaults to 'zitten' (To sit), and 'zitten' is only removed when there
is another verb. What I think is that 'opzitten' (Literally: To sit
on) has gained the new meaning of 'to make use of' or 'to use', and
that the 'zitten' part is left out when another verb is present. The
reason that 'zitten' is still present in situations where there is no
other verb is because there must be a verb.

Does this sound plausible, and are there any situations similar to
this in other languages?

Ina van der Vegt


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