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R: prepositions in Tok Pisin & Vivo (long)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Saturday, September 16, 2000, 19:55
Jonathan wrote:

> IN => 'at' (in same location as), > 'in' (located inside of) > EXO=> "from", "out of" , "away from" > "outside of" , "exterior" > CIRCA=> "around", "encircling" , "surrounding" > "near(by)", "close to" > SUR=> "on(to[p]", "touching" top, "on surface of" > TRANS=> "across" > "through" > AD=> "to(wards)", "(moving) at" > SOPRA=> "above", "over", "superimposed" > AVANTI=> before, in front of, ahead of (spatially) > RETRO=> behind, in back/rear of > INTRA=> between, among, amidst, inter- > SOTTO=> under, beneath
Many of these sound perfectly Italian (in, circa, sopra, avanti, sotto). Some others look latin: exo, ad... How did they arrive to Vivo? I can see 'sur' via French.
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