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Conlang posts (Was: Re: gooey as a fruitbat, etc. & a semi-paranoid question)

From:The Gray Wizard <dbell@...>
Date:Monday, September 18, 2000, 14:38
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From: H. S. Teoh []
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 10:46 AM
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Subject: Conlang posts (Was: Re: gooey as a fruitbat, etc. & a
semi-paranoid question)

On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 09:21:29AM -0400, The Gray Wizard wrote:
[long rant snipped]
> topic than the others are. I know that natlang and general linguistics > discussions are important to conlanging and to some extent so are the > concultural discussions, but I bemoan the fact that these have come to > outnumber discussions of conlangs themselves. Most here seem to feel that > this lends to a sense of community,
Well, I'm one of those who like something more than reading just formal grammars all the time, but I agree that the ratio of conlang posts vs. non-conlang posts is getting a little too low. (For one, I find the current thread on English interesting, but it's getting to the point that I'm wondering if this is a conlang list or an English criticism list :-P)
> but I miss the early days when almost > all posts contained sketches of conlangs and critiques of those sketches.
> for one find them the most fascinating and I know that I learned a lot
> about the art of conlanging in those days and I think my conlanging skills > benefited significantly.
Hmm. That's something *I* know I'd enjoy, which doesn't seem to be what's happening a lot lately.
> I read only a small percentage of the threads > posted these day which is why I probably missed yours.
Same here. I'm not trying to imply that people should stop participating or should take things off-list, but I do find it strange when I've to continually hit the thread-delete button on my mailer just so I can read on-topic conlang posts, esp. given that this list *is* the CONLANG list! :-)
> Perhaps we need a CONLANG tag?
IMNSHO, it'll be a sad day when we have to do that, 'cos it'll mean that this list isn't really a CONLANG list anymore... I hope I didn't offend anyone here... let me repeat that I *am* one of those who think that this list should be more than just exchanging formal grammars; I like the sense of community here with the occasional off-topic post. Plus, IMHO conculturing and general linguistics is an indispensible part of conlanging. But, when the number of non-conlang-specific posts starts overwhelming conlang-specific posts, I think something isn't quite right. I don't know the solution, maybe somebody else can suggest... T