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Re: North Wind and Sun in Obrenje

From:P. M. Arktayg <pmva@...>
Date:Monday, August 19, 2002, 20:23
Jan van Steenbergen ta nugatu-r:


> This is, at least, the case in Polish: im ... tym ... /tym/ is the > instrumental case of the demonstrative pronoun /ten/ (M) or /to/ (N). I > don't know where the word /im/ comes from, but its form suggests it is > an instrumental, too.
From Old Polish _ji_ / _jen_ 'this'. Remnants of the pronoun you have in declination of _on_ 'he': Nom. on Gen. jego Dat. jemu Acc. jego Instr. nim (wrong decomposition: _s"n im_ > _z nim_) Loc. nim (by analogy with Instr.) so _im_ = _nim_.
> So, literally the expression could be best > translated: "with what ... with that ..."
Rather 'with this... whit that...'. In other Slavonic languages there is 'with what... with that...', e.g. Russian _c<em... tem..._. -- /\ P. M. Arktayg /\ \/ "rubba s.idqin ka:na ’akd_aba min kid_bin" \/ \/\/ 'często prawda jest bardziej kłamliwa niż kłamstwo' \/\/