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CHAT: Need a word for these!

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 30, 2002, 9:05
Someone who laughs at his own jokes.
Someone who talks just to hear himself.
Someone who insists on taking a leadership role -- and does absolutely nothing.
Performing a musical composition wrong repeatedly. (Zappa called that an
Someone who speaks a term or phrase in, say French, and does it with correct
French pronunciation. Or
a sound, consonant or vowel, that is not normally used in that language (such as
/x/ or /y/ in English) used for special emphasis or to get special attention,
including future terms.
An e-mail reply that has tons of quoted text -- and a few words in the actual
An e-mail reply that consists of the quoted text with NO reply.
Posting long-overused expressions in chatrooms (IRC, AOL and such) like asl,
ctc, lol, unf... and the people who post them (the term "lamer" is too general)
Talking continuously without any pauses, even between sentences or even
paragraphs, so that no one can chime in with a comment.
Frequently typing with transposed or incorrect letters -- this is to typing what
dyslexia is to reading. (Dystypia?)
A grammatical or syntactical function that doesn't exist in English (or whatever
language you use), but you wish it did. Analogous to the Sniglet, which is a
vocabulary item.
The process that makes a non-standard pronunciation or usage into a dialectal
And finally, someone who posts long lists of concepts that he wish had words,
also known as a Danny Wier.



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