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Re: CHAT: Need a word for these!

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 30, 2002, 9:33
En réponse à Danny Wier <dawier@...>:

> Someone who laughs at his own jokes.
A French man? :))) (note that being also French, I'm allowed to do this kind of self-denigrating humour :)) . Note that I consider myself much French anymore :)) )
> Someone who talks just to hear himself.
Reminds me of some teachers I had :)) . Yes, definitely a needed word :)) .
> Someone who insists on taking a leadership role -- and does absolutely > nothing.
A president? :))) (sorry, couldn't resist :)) )
> Performing a musical composition wrong repeatedly. (Zappa called that > an > arrangement.)
I call that contemporaneous music :) .
> Someone who speaks a term or phrase in, say French, and does it with > correct > French pronunciation.
Oops! I tend to be like that when I use English words in my French speech. I've realised also that Dutch people tend to use the correct pronunciation of borrowed words, even when it doesn't include normal Dutch sounds (for instance, they litterally take an English accent when pronouncing one or two English words in a Dutch sentence :)) ). I find that an interesting feature... Or
> a sound, consonant or vowel, that is not normally used in that language > (such as > /x/ or /y/ in English) used for special emphasis or to get special > attention, > including future terms.
Why not a "loch-sound", from the Scottish pronunciation of that word?
> An e-mail reply that has tons of quoted text -- and a few words in the > actual > reply.
Add to that: An e-mail reply that contains a lot of quoted text and a lot of reply, without actually adding anything to the subject (a little like the post i'm writing now ;) ).
> An e-mail reply that consists of the quoted text with NO reply.
A sorry-I-hit-the-SEND-button-accidently :))) .
> Posting long-overused expressions in chatrooms (IRC, AOL and such) like > asl, > ctc, lol, unf... and the people who post them (the term "lamer" is too > general)
No, nothing to add on this one :)) .
> Talking continuously without any pauses, even between sentences or > even > paragraphs, so that no one can chime in with a comment.
Mother :)) .
> Frequently typing with transposed or incorrect letters -- this is to > typing what > dyslexia is to reading. (Dystypia?)
Well, the fact is that dyslexia already includes that. The term has derived from its etymological meaning, and there are kinds of dyslexia that don't even include reading problems. Though dystypia is a nice word, nicely Greek looking :)) .
> A grammatical or syntactical function that doesn't exist in English (or > whatever > language you use), but you wish it did. Analogous to the Sniglet, which > is a > vocabulary item.
A word that would be used quite extensively on this list :)) .
> The process that makes a non-standard pronunciation or usage into a > dialectal > feature.
Reminds me of the fact that the now common /wa/ pronunciation of the "oi" digraph in French used to be a despised pronunciation used only by the poor people in Paris. It was considered extremely vulgar, while the "correct" pronunciation was /wE/. After the Revolution though, the distribution was completely inversed: /wa/ became the "correct" pronunciation, while /wE/ became considered as a rustic backwards pronunciation, typical of stupid and vulgar farmers. I wonder if this phenomenon doesn't already have a difficult linguistic name :)) .
> And finally, someone who posts long lists of concepts that he wish had > words, > also known as a Danny Wier. >
Add: someone who answers to a post of a long list of concepts that the author wish had words, also known as Christophe Grandsire :))) . Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.


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