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From:Tristan Mc Leay <conlang@...>
Date:Monday, September 5, 2005, 6:09
> Hello!
Hello everyone. I'm back, perhaps temporarily, perhaps not. We will see. I haven't done much on Føtisk since last I posted---and is part of the reason I'm resubscribing---except to discover that I hadn't lost quite as much as I thought I had when I lost the notebook I was doing most of my conlanging in. (For anyone who came since I left, and anyone else who forgot, Ancient and Old Føtisk are my lostlang west germaniconlangs that was spoken in southern Denmark/northern Germany till around 1400; Middle Føtisk was never recorded, but was probably spoken till around 1600; and Modern Føtisk is a self-proclaimed conlang based on Old Føtisk.)
> Anyway, yet another reason for me not to get a car (the main reason > still being that I live in an area with pretty good public transport, > at least in the areas and at the times that I need).
I'm incredibly glad my car runs on liquified petroleum gas (LPG; commonly 'gas' as 'gasoline' is called 'petrol' here). I filled up last week at the expensive price of 41 Australian cents per litre (45 cpl with 4 cpl off having spent $30 or more at a supermarket chain associated with the petrol station chain), it normally stays at around 39 cpl with almost no fluctuation. It's nice having the price of gas is the same on a Sunday as a Tuesday :) Meanwhile, the price of unleaded petrol is around 125 cpl; the government excise and GST on that is almost what I pay total (per litre). People claim that gas is less efficient than petrol, which is true, but they always exaggerate the difference. Most taxis and buses run on gas. You might fill up one extra tank in a dozen... Apparently it's also better for the environment, but I doubt the environment knows that.
> ObConlang: Here are some sounds that are difficult to produce if they > don't occur in your native language, that are suddenly *much* easier > when looking at the current gas prices (given in SAMPA): [{] > (different vowel than "eww", but same meaning), [R] (trying not to > gag), [>\_}] (failing miserably and gagging anyway). ;-)
Hm (checks), [{] for [}]? I like. But not nearly as much as I like CXS over X-Sampa ;) -- Tristan